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Top 10 ways on how to Ghost

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1. Discretion - Be as discrete and confidential as possible. Don’t give out any personal details and don’t share your views concerning MGTOW with your co-workers or friends. Try to merge with others without revealing too much about yourself, and keep it vague.
2. Live on your own - Don’t live with a partner. This will invade your personal space and freedom. Once a woman get’s her feet in the door, she’ll try to be the boss of where you live. She’ll want to change the wallpaper, bring in new furniture and totally dominate. You need to put up with her annoying habits and her presence everyday you come home from work. I can go on about this, just live by yourself for complete solitude.
3. Avoid Online social network - Don’t join any social networking websites like Facebook. I have pictures of myself on Facebook posted by other people and I’m not even on bloody Facebook. If you are ghosting, Facebook is suicide. You don’t need these social networking websites, friends and family only need your mobile number and email address.
4. Investments and Savings - Spread your money in different investments, don’t keep all your in one account. Live frugally and have cheap hobbies that you enjoy.
5. Don’t do any harm to anyone - There is no need if you are living the MGTOW lifestyle and you only have yourself to keep. This does not mean you become a doormat and don’t stand up for yourself. Any sign of trouble, walk away!
6. Stay in shape and healthy - Exercise regularly and lift weights down the gym. This is vital for your wellbeing, you feel better, have more confidence, more attractive to women and have more energy. Exercise should be treated like a part-time job and you should make it mandatory in your daily routine. Try to have a healthy diet and limit the amount of bad foods you eat. Don’t cut bad foods completely, only have them in moderation and the majority of your food intake should be healthy foods. I find Tea and plenty of sleep are great appetite suppressants that stop cravings for unhealthy foods.
7. Keep busy! - As a MGTOW, you will you have free time on your hands. You have to keep busy working on projects, hobbies, travelling, learning new and do what you want to do. Boredom is not good, overthinking everything in your life and not being productive how you spend your time. Don’t confuse boredom with solitude - solitude is bliss.
8. Sexually protect yourself - Don’t make any bitch pregnant. Always use contraception and have a vastecomy done if you don’t want kids. There is no need to take the risk of making women pregnant or catching a STD (Sexual transmitted disease). Practice sodomy if you can and keep sex as safe as possible. If you do have unprotected sex, always pull out and get regular sexual health check ups 3 times a year.
9. Avoid TV and mainstream culture - Mainstream/pop culture is like cancer in the mind. Absolutely terrible, all the mainstream soaps, commercial movies/music, the mainstream news. People like to watch this crap because it’s filled with bad news and drama. It’s not a true representation of life, unless you create trouble. Most people live dull, mundane lives working 9-5 and then going home to watch television to numb the existence of their lives. The problem is children and many adults spend too much time watching mainstream culture, they start to act/dress like the people in these movies and soaps. “Monkey see, monkey do” springs to mind.
10. Don’t try to beat the system - Pay your taxes, bills on time and stay out of trouble. The system is totally retarded and it’s a waste of time trying to beat or gain one up on the system. Participate in there silly games and find small loop holes and take advantage in small doses if you can. People aren’t worried about small changes, it’s the big changes that raises the red flags. Don’t push your luck, and be happy with small wins.

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